5 raw vegan salad package – Gói 5 phần salad thuần chay

780.000 VND

5 Raw vegan salad is Available in Ho Chi Minh City only. Package is not included shipping cost from Santorino to your place. Will inform shipping cost when we get your address. Delivered 5 meals in one.

Daily delivery time: 11:30 – 16:00 (please give more details in the note when you order)

Each vegetarian/vegan meal is developed with nutrition-rich and balance taste focus with high quality and fresh ingredients.

Direction: Keep in the fridge. Mix. Eat cold.

Daily fresh veggies, generous portion, never frozen, nutrition-rich salad, fusion vegan/vegetarian food, Eco-friendly packaging…

Anti-tired: Promise 20+ recipes in 4 weeks

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Why Raw Vegan salad?

Incorporating raw foods, specifically vegetables and fruits, into your diet

can have numerous health benefits.

The rawness is a source of good enzymes, vitamins and minerals. Boosting your health and state of mind.

Our Meals designed aim to provide Vegan good sources of plant-based protein: Chickpeas, quinoa, lentil, almond, cashew…

To make our salads more distinct we add Fresh homemade designed sauces no preservatives.

These will make sure your body and taste buds are filled with joy.


Microwave oven safe box but don’t need to reheat these salad

Tại sao lại là 5 bữa salad thuần chay?

Với thực đơn 5 bữa salad thuần chay sẽ mang đến cho các bạn nguồn năng lượng dồi dào và hấp thụ nguồn vitamin khoáng chất từ nguồn enzymes sống tốt nhất cho cơ thể.

Khoa học đã chứng minh những loại rau củ quả nếu có thể ăn sống thì đó là một điều tuyệt diệu cho cơ thể.

Santorino cho ra mắt 5 món salad giàu nguồn protein bổ sung từ các loại hạt như đậu gà , hạt diêm mạch , đậu lăng , hạnh nhân , hạt điều… Kết hợp cùng các loại sốt thủ công được làm tươi hoàn toàn không chất bảo quản.

26 Jul – 30 Jul


SNAS 1 – The Hummus forest bowl – Salad Hummus nhiệt đới


The SNAS 1 - The hummus forest

Plant-based, Rich in protein, alkaline, fiber, vitamins
RAW: Kale, avocado, yellow tomatoes seasoning with Himalaya salt and apple cider vinegar.
Grilled: Green beans, shiitake mushroom, bell pepper & sesame
PROTEIN: Quinoa, sunflower seeds & hummus
HOME SAUCE: Carrot hummus


SNAS 2 – Kaley apple and beans bowl

SNAS 2 Kaley apple and beans salad giảm cân kale táo và đậu nành

For sure, SNAS 2 will be your favorite chopped salad. Rich in natural source of Vitamin K (in Kale, Edamame, Green apple, raisins, cabbage). GRILL: Flour tortilla, Edamame, sesame, sliced almond                        RAW: Kale, green apple, raisins, carrot, red cabbage & apple vinegar PROTEIN: Quinoa, Sesame, Edamame, 3-nut sauce, almond HOMEMADE SAUCE: 3-nut sauce: Almond, cashew & peanut Carbs: Grilled tortilla



SNAS 3 – The classic bowl – Salad

The buddha bowl - The classic

Our best selling SNAS: Included at least 11 elements. GRILL: Baby broccoli RAW: Romaine, rocket, cherry tomatoes, carrot, bell-pepper, red cabbage, vinegar PROTEIN: Quinoa, sautéed chickpea, avocado HOMEMADE SAUCE: 3-nut sauce: Almond, cashew & peanut


SNAS 4.1 – Chickpea & roti salad

SNAS 4 chick and cheese salad đậu gà và xà lách romaine

Chickpea & roti salad This healthy salad includes at least 11 elements with 3 green vegetables GRILL: Roti, sliced almond RAW: Romaine, rocket, spinach, chopped carrot, raisins, bell-pepper, cucumber, cherry tomatoes & balsamic PROTEIN: sauteed chickpea, sesame, nuts    Dressing: cashew.


SNAS 5 – Lentil and Squash bowl

Snas 5 Root and squash pumpkin

Eating lots of veggies and fruits helps control blood pressure. Slightly grilled Root: beet, carrot, squash Raw: Spinach, pumpkin seed Protein: Lentils, sesame                        Sauce: homemade teriyaki sauce, apple vinegar


Raw vegan salad package 5 raw vegan salad



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